​Check out our archive of Online Ocean Symposium run Google Hangouts.

World Oceans Day Part 3: The Americas

Date: Published on June 8, 2013 Guests include: Dr. Sylvia Earle, Louie Psihoyos, Molly Malloy of One World One Ocean, Nancy Knowlton of the Smithsonian Institute, Dr. Chris Pincetich of the, Octavio Aburto of Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Virgin Islands Coral Reef Preservation Initiative.

Description: World Oceans Day Hangout live at 12:00PM San Francisco, USA time!

World Oceans Day Part 2: Europe and Africa

Date: Published on June 8, 2013 Guests: Celine Cousteau - CauseCentric Productions, Michael Havas - Ocean Screenwriter and Film Maker, Steven Lichtag -- Twin Star Film, Kristina Gjerde - Sargasso Sea Alliance, Ghislaine Maxwell - The TerraMar Project

Description: World Oceans Day Hangout live at 12:00PM London, UK time!

World Oceans Day Part 1: Asia, Australia and Indonesia

Date: Published on June 8, 2013 Guests: Catlin Seaview Survey, Ocean Ark Alliance and others.

Description: World Oceans Day Hangout live at 12:00PM Perth, Australia time!

Earth Day!

Date: Published on Apr 22, 2013 Guests: Jeff Kirschner of Litterati, Seth Chanin, Restoration Program Manager for Save the Bay, and Allison Cook Director of Community Engagement at The Story of Stuff Project.

Description: Hangout with the Online Ocean Symposium for EARTHDAY!

Operation: IceBridge

Date: Published on April 14, 2013 Guests: James Jacobson of NASA, Charlotte Vick

Description: Google+ Hangout with Charlotte Vick and NASA data analyst James Jacobson.

Capturing Our World - Photography in Ocean Conservation

Date: Published on Feb 4, 2013 Guests: Andrew Kornblatt od OOS, One Simple Question, 70 Degrees West, Dan Fox, and Kip Evans of Mission Blue.

Description:Second Online Ocean Symposium Hangout discussing conservation photography and documentary films. Why we are compelled to take these photos, how we got into it, and how the photos impact the conservation conversation.

2013 - A BLUE year

Date: Published on Jan 16, 2013 Guests: Andrew Kornblatt and Amber Jackson of OOS, Molly Malloy of One World One Ocean, Rachel Weidinger of Upwell, Asher Jay - Artist / Activist / Writer, Wallace J Nichols - OceanRevolution and LivBlue, Samantha Harris - the TerraMar Project, Karima Cherif - Plastic Pollution Coalition

Description:The Online Ocean Symposium's Inaugural hangout covering 2012 as a year for the ocean and what to look forward to in 2013.

Continuing the BLUE Conversation

Date: Published on Nov 29, 2012 Guests: Barbara MacGillivray of One World One Ocean, Celine Cousteau, Mera McGrew of Mission Blue, and Pam Marcus of the Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Description: Google+ Hangout to continue the conversations and activities held at the BLUE Ocean film festival 2012.

Live from BLUE Ocean film festival

Date: Published on Sep 29, 2012 Guests: Andrew Kornblatt, Bob Ballard, Jenifer Austin Foulkes, Dr. Katie Croft Bell, Susan Heaney

Description: Live Hangout from the BLUE Ocean film festival with Bob Ballard, Titanic and Ocean explorer with a slew of people chatting about Ocean exploration, 3D imagery and the amazing Google Liquid Galaxy.

LIVE from the BLUE Ocean film festival​

Date: Published on Sep 24, 2012 Guests: Andrew Kornblatt, Don Walsh, Jenifer Austin Foulkes, Greg Stone, Kate Thompson, Jerry Moxley, Mera McGrew

Description: Don Walsh, Jenifer Foulkes, Greg Stone and a panel of folks talking about the BLUE Ocean film festival, exploring the ocean and interactive ways of teaching about the ocean.​

Google's Liquid Galaxy Live from IUCN - Korea

Date: Published on Sep 10, 2012 Guests: Andrew Kornblatt, Jenifer Austin Foulkes, Christian Adams, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dan Laffolley, Jason Holt, Lisa Uttal, and Kristina Gjerde Description: Google Liquid Galaxy Hangout live from the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Korea.​.

Blue Ocean Film Festival Finalist Announcement

Date: Published on Sep 10, 2012 Guests: Andrew Kornblatt, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Jean-Michelle Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau, Charlotte Vick, Debbie Kinder, Jenifer Austin Foulkes, Sarah Sponaugle, Mark Shelly, Laura Orthwein

Description: A hangout announcing finalists for the upcoming festival and discussing aspects of the Ocean and film making.